A few companies that offer repair, replacement services in the area:
(Thornwood Fund, Inc. does not endorse, represent, guarantee or warranty any of the vendors on this list.  They are only provided as a convenience to residents.  Please check out any vendor or worker you hire.)

TRU-LITE Gas Products       713-682-2053

Southwest Light & Grill Co. 281-498-1364

Thornwood’s original Deed Restrictions note that illumination of the subdivision shall be by individual gas lights on all Lots. The ACC permits either gas lights or converted gas lights located near the center of the Lot, adjacent to the platted right of way limit. Such street lights shall be kept burning/lighted during all hours of darkness by the owner of each Lot.

b. A permitted converted gas light is a gas light that has been converted to an electric light and maintains, as close as possible, the original gas-light appearance. Illumination can be produced by one or multiple light bulbs and must be continuously lighted or controlled by automatic photocell or timer for illumination during all hours of darkness.

c. Open flame lights are not permitted for street-side gas lamp lighting.

d. Other Exterior Lighting considerations include:

i. Outdoor lighting is not to negatively affect neighboring properties. Outdoor lighting shall be functional and enhance the overall appearance of the residence. Hoods on floodlights to shield glare from neighboring properties are required. Soffit-mounted down lighting and building-mounted lighting shall be subtle. Exterior lights visible from the street must be clear;
ii. Mercury vapor lights must be aimed or hooded so as not to affect neighboring properties. No mercury vapor lights or single light bulb exceeding a rating of 150 watts will be allowed; and
iii. Colored lights are not permitted except as part of temporary holiday decorations.