Thornwood Clubhouse and Pool Rental Info

The Thornwood pools and clubhouse are available for residents to rent for private parties and special events. Reservations may be made for clubhouse only or for both clubhouse and pool usage. All reservations should be made at least two weeks in advance to ensure the facilities are available. You can also check availability at the Community Calendar.

Rental Request

Follow the steps below to request the use of the pool or clubhouse for a private party.

  1. Request a reservation by completing the E-Form "Facility Rental Agreement".  Be sure to submit all necessary information and your request will be received and processed.
  2. You will receive an email reply confirming your reservation.
  3. Be sure to mail the confirmation e-mail and a $100 deposit check and the $100 rental fee as two separate checks to Thornwood Fund, c/o Crest Management PO Box 219320, Houston, TX 77218-9320.

Not receiving payment prior to the event will void your rental.  We hope you enjoy your party!


All parties which involve Pool usage require a MINIMUM of two (2) lifeguards for every 20 guests that will be inside the pool premises. You can arrange for lifeguards through our pool management company Sweetwater Pools, Inc. at 281‑988‑8480. If you know a swim team coach or boy scout leader, they may also be able to help you identify qualified lifeguards. Payment (including gratuity) for lifeguards are the responsibility of the Resident/Pool member.