Thornwood Security & Constable Info     281-463-6666

The contract deputy program provides high visibility, rapid response to emergency and non emergency calls for the residents of contracting subdivisions. This results in significantly lower criminal activities by crime prevention and traffic enforcement. The contract deputy program promotes the "neighborhood oriented policing" concept where the same deputy patrols the same neighborhood and becomes familiar with the people who live there.


Thornwood has been patrolled by Deputy Wayne Ford for the last few years. He is very familiar with the neighborhood. You will also see other Precinct 5 deputies as part of a sharing agreement with nearby communities and when they are responding to a call for service.  The constables ask that anytime you need assistance or see a suspicious person or vehicle to please contact them to check out the situation at 281-463-6666.  Wit the eyes and ears of neighbors reporting information, it is much easier to stop a situation before it occurs!

Vacation Watch

Call the Constable if you are going to be away. They will dispatch a deputy to your home to take down your information and keep an eye on things while you are away. You may also give your information directly over the phone. The information they require is spelled out on the vacation watch form at the Constable Precinct 5 web site.


You may have noticed these stickers on the bumpers of cars around Thornwood. Their purpose is to make it easier to identify cars that do not belong to the neighborhood. If you don't have them, e-mail the management company to send you some at We also have Constable stickers for your telephone.